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Why Terrasynth

Terrasynth’s Advanced Media Studio provides 3D design and visualization services. Solutions include, but are not limited to, 3D character, logo and special effects animation, interactive 3D product demonstrations and concept development. Applications for 3D graphics are rapidly expanding into every known market, and to meet this demand we also provide custom animation and interactive solutions such as corporate training, game design and scientific visualization.

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have an edgeHave An Edge That Gets People Talking
We specialize in creating digital media experiences that people will remember and share. When clients get excited by a website or presentation they tell others about it. They are also are more likely to recall the brand or product the next time a related subject comes to mind. For your company this means earning newfound respect through the best (yet cheapest) form of marketing available: word-of-mouth referrals that bring highly qualified leads and increased website traffic.

animation provides understandingAnimation Provides Understanding
Terrasynth designs character, object and diagram animation that would let your company give examples of its services, demonstrating benefits and improvements to current or potential clients. These modules may also be interactive, allowing clients to become more engaged with your simulations. This will provide a thorough understanding of your offer, letting the customer visualize how they can take advantage of your service while greatly increasing the likelihood of purchase.

higher conversion ratesHigher Conversion Rates
An independent study has shown that online shoppers are nearly 20% more likely to buy merchandise that offers a 3D presentation of the product. This research tracked websites offering simple 3D models instead of photos. Imagine what will happen when you present a high-quality model that allows shoppers to choose their favorite color and interact with your product through animation – wouldn’t that affect your buying decision?

go beyond your competitorsGo Beyond Your Competitors
Using 3D graphics and animation will separate your business from most (all?) competitors and prove that you are forward thinking and take digital technology seriously. In turn this will impress potential clients, helping to gain new contracts.

internet video business cardsThe Internet, Video, Business Cards And More
We focus on delivering quality marketing content to the internet. Our 3D animation and visualization services implement the latest commercially available techniques while having standards and accessibility in mind.

Work completed by Terrasynth is ready to be a part of your entire marketing campaign, including posters, brochures, standing or hanging banners, etc. Our models and animations can be output to CD/DVD, including business card sized CD-ROMs that you can hand out at network meetings or tradeshows. Ask us about our business card CD-ROM services.

"Every project involves a rich process requiring a killer crew of designers, coders, and animators– which is why we love working with Terrasynth. They are a powerful addition to the Myjive team and have diligently executed everything we have thrown at them."
Ron Edelen, web designer,

"Our experience with Terrasynth has been eye opening and inspirational. I feel that their process and command within the realm of digital design and animation are unparalleled in the field."
Cameron Thomas, web designer,

"Terrasynth used their remarkable animation and artistic skills to create a powerful depiction of my business that has my Members around the world raving. For professionalism, integrity and on time delivery, you can't do any better than Mr. Gilder. I unreservedly recommend Terrasynth's services. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions. 604.945.5754"
Robin J Elliott,

"Terrasynth has a strong and passionate vision to provide satisfying solutions for current and future clients. As a creative director, Nathan Gilder's ideas, production discipline, creativity and tenacity are of great value to any creatives and clients who are seeking to join forces with his team. I have no hesitation in recommending designers and clients to work with Terrasynth."
Robin Teo, animator/designer,