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3D Animation For The Web & Beyond

We are experienced with animating human, cartoon and robotic characters in addition to everyday objects, logos and more. There is no limit on what is possible for your website or marketing campaign. Our crew will take your character, object or special effects animation from idea to asset in the shortest time possible, usually a matter of days.

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A Revolution In Web Design
We are spearheading a revolution in web design by collaborating with artists to bring quality 3D modeling and animation to the internet. Terrasynth can fulfill all of your animation needs – character, logo, special effects, simulation and more. The web assets we produce may be inserted into Flash or rendered for still images. Experienced designers should contact us and ask how we can bring a new dimension to their portfolio.

Things To Remember:

  • Any type of 3D animation is possible – characters, special effects, inanimate objects, logos and more
  • 3D is versatile – anything we produce can be rendered for web, broadcast and print
  • We can render in any style – realistic, cartoon, vector and custom styles to match design concepts
  • Modular content – 3D content we create may be dropped into Flash websites and presentations as independent layers

A Comprehensive Production
The Elite Animation Package includes all the required steps for bringing high-end 3D content online. From initial sketches to the final render and Flash output, Terrasynth will work closely with your web design and marketing team to ensure a successful project delivery. Each phase mentioned below has a standard opening fee but we offer discounts for bundled services. If you are able to provide quality assets that can be used towards development your costs will be properly adjusted.

  • Initial sketches and design
  • Storyboards and previsualization
  • 3D modeling
  • Texture building (color the model)
  • Rigging (create a virtual skeleton to move the model)
  • Animation
  • Lighting and rendering
  • High resolution still images
  • Online Project Management and Client Services

Advanced 3D services such as realistic hair, cloth simulation and physics simulation are available upon request. Contact us today for more information and to receive your personalized quote.


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To spark your imagination on how 3D can dramatically change your website, we invite you to browse these examples created by TemplateMonster. Although our specialty is developing exclusive solutions for our clients, we are a TemplateMonster affiliate and sell 3D templates at a 10% discount by request. Ask us about our template customization services.

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