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Terrasynth Solutions

Give clients a new perspective with exclusive, next-generation marketing and company development tools. A single 3D visualization completed by our studio will provide a wealth of assets for your business. 3D models, animations and visualization images can be used for the internet, CD/DVD, multimedia presentations, PowerPoint, Acrobat PDF, brochures, posters, tradeshow banners, business cards and more. Contact us and ask how we can take your product or service to the next level.

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go beyond your competitors3D Product Demonstrations
Terrasynth creates interactive 3D demonstrations that will bring customers closer to your products. They will have a better understanding of your product, more confidence in their purchase and are less likely to return the product due to unmet expectations. Modules composed by our studio can also be inserted into PDF documents and PowerPoint or be used to generate product demonstration movies for commercials and other non-interactive media... Learn More »

go beyond your competitors3D Online: Bandwidth and Plug-ins
Download sizes have been dramatically reduced because of enhanced compression and the number of high-speed internet users multiplies daily. Terrasynth has standards in mind when creating 3D modules because we understand there is a wide audience our clients want to reach... Learn More »

go beyond your competitors3D Animation For The Web & Beyond
We are spearheading a revolution in web design by collaborating with artists to bring film-quality 3D modeling and animation to the internet. Terrasynth can fulfill all of your animation needs – character, logo, special effects, simulation and more. The web assets we produce may be inserted into Flash or rendered for still images. Experienced designers should contact us and bring a new dimension to their portfolio.

Terrasynth provides an Elite Production Package. This comprehensive service includes Sketches and Concept Design, Storyboards and Pre-visualization, 3D modeling, Textures, Rigging, Animation, Lighting and Rendering. Your animation will be delivered on DVD and have optimized versions for the internet. Still images that are suitable for printing can also be created... Learn More »