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Interactive 3D Product Demonstrations

Dramatically Increase Your Sales | Build Customer Confidence | Boost Conversion Rates

Terrasynth creates interactive 3D demonstrations that will bring customers closer to your products. They will have a better understanding of your product, more confidence in their purchase and are less likely to return the product due to unmet expectations. Modules composed by our studio can also be inserted into PDF documents or be used to generate product demonstration movies for commercials and other non-interactive media. Already more than 100 industries have applied this technology to their e-commerce websites and development pipelines. Leading companies now rely on interactive 3D to support the launch of new products and services.  Business results are increasingly determined by the use of advanced media on the internet while client demand for 3D content is skyrocketing.

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have an edgePowerful Visual Edge
Imagine you are shopping online for a new digital camera. After reading the reviews, viewing the all the comparison charts and debating for several hours about how much you are willing to spend, you narrow it down to just two models.

Both cameras would meet your needs and the brands are equally good in your opinion. Each model has all the features you could imagine (plus several more you may never use) so you continue researching because that will help you arrive at a final decision.

During the home stretch of your online shopping you discover two websites. One website has all the information for the first camera, including a still photograph of the product. The second website has an equal amount of technical detail plus an interactive 3D presentation that allows you to pick-up, rotate, zoom into and manipulate the camera. Which camera are you more likely to buy – the one with a distant still photo or the camera with a virtual demonstration that you could operate immediately on the website?

higher conversion ratesThe Selling Point
An independent study has shown that you are at least 16% more likely to purchase a product just because of their 3D product demonstration, and at least 25% more likely if you were able to customize the look and feel of the product.

This scenario is exactly what most online shoppers are going through on a daily basis. While reviews and comments from other buyers will play a major role in purchasing decisions, the ability to interact with products in a 3D presentation is quickly becoming an expectation of many consumers.