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3D Online: Common Misconceptions Concerning Bandwidth and Plug-ins

The two most common questions regarding our 3D modules are if website visitors will have to download unusual plug-ins to view the content and whether the download sizes are extraordinarily large. The answer to both of these questions is simply, no. We offer both Flash and Java solutions and these have been pre-installed on most new computers for years. In addition, many reports show that over 95% of internet users have Flash installed and Java is close behind. In either case, installing or upgrading users to view your new content is easy because the browser will, after user consent, do all the work automatically.

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have an edgePowerful Visual Edge - Fast Delivery
Download sizes have been dramatically reduced because of enhanced compression and the number of high-speed internet users multiplies daily. Concerning interactive product marketing, a study by Nielsen-netratings has shown that more than two thirds of online retail purchases are transacted via broadband. People spending money online are most likely using a connection speed that should remove all worries regarding the frugal sizes of the 3D modules we produce.

Don’t forget that still 3D images (no animation or interactivity) allow unique design possibilities and can be useful for websites, brochures, posters, business cards and other print media. Other low-bandwidth solutions include animated gifs, 3D clip art, icons, buttons or navigational elements and more.

have an edgeWhat We Use
Most animation solutions are currently integrated into websites via Flash 8. Depending on the requirements of your project it may be compatible with older versions of Flash as well. Interactive product demonstrations may use either Flash or Java, depending on your needs. Real-time, interactive 3D on the web is carried out using X3D, a system developed and maintained by the Web3D Consortium. Still images and animations created from our product models may be exported to all standard formats.