T-Mobile + Myspace
Viral marketing campaign for the launch of T-Mobile's latest version of the Sidekick.

Warner Bros.
Viral marketing campaign for Warner Brothers Home Video DVD release of Music & Lyrics, starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant.

Lockheed Martin
Terrasynth was the first studio in the United States to produce animation for display on Philips' new WOWvx monitor.

IC Media Productions
Terrasynth created an arctic scene that included a wrecked ship, dynamically animated flag and cozy tent interior with multiple props.

Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel's Roboreptile site launched. The project includes a 3D web game among other features delivered via Flash.

Dart Container
Terrasynth produced an advanced corporate video introduction for the Dart Container Corporation that included 3D modeling, animation and effects compositing.

A series of 3D animations demonstrating joint ventures for the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum. "Terrasynth used their remarkable animation and artistic skills to create a powerful depiction of my business that has my Members around the world raving," declares Robin J. Elliott, internationally renowned

Dumbluck Productions
Terrasynth develops 3D elements for the inaugural web site of Los Angeles film production studio Dumb Luck Productions. "We need something with a lot of kick to it," says Mike Hughes, Producer and Founder of DLP. Terrasynth took it home with the initial coin that makes this site "unleash it's fury."

Myjive Inc.
Terrasynth's inaugural project, Faucet, was created to establish a new vision for 3D web design.