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Create High-End Animation.

Web Designers Seeking 3D Graphics and Animation Professionals… Interested? Lets us Know »

Imagine not having to learn another skill to provide cutting edge websites. What if you could offer 3D animation to your clients and barely have to lift a finger if they accept the service? Think of the possibilities—what if you could market yourself as a next-gen media production studio with interactive product demonstrations, film-quality character modeling and animation, logo animation, scientific visualization and all the other things most graphic designers are unwilling (unable?) to bring to the table. These services—and more—are now available to you.

What’s better is that our team is experienced in implementing advanced media on the web. We’ve already created the process necessary to meet the demands of our partner designers and their clients. In most cases this process will not affect your workflow because elements we develop are modular. When your clients want to have 3D elements fully integrated into their site we will work one-on-one with you to ensure a successful project delivery.

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Become an Affiliate
Terrasynth affiliates have a variety of options available for partnership. If your application is approved, you will receive discounted service for your studio’s homepage and we will provide you with materials, reports and portfolio images to market Terrasynth’s services to your clients. In addition, you will become part of our mastermind group where new projects and opportunities will be discussed and made available to you.

We work with experienced, focused web designers that understand and care about their clients. To apply you should be an accomplished studio that is ready to bring your porfolio to the next level. Also, we take our responsibilities to each other and to our clients to an extreme. We expect prompt feedback by email and/or phone, fast turnaround times and quick project completions.

"Every project involves a rich process requiring a killer crew of designers, coders, and animators–which is why we love working with Terrasynth. They are a powerful addition to the Myjive team and have diligently executed everything we have thrown at them."
Ron Edelen, web designer,

"Our experience with Terrasynth has been eye opening and inspirational. I feel that their process and command within the realm of digital design and animation are unparalleled in the field. They make our projects shine, the clients pleased and our firm look like champions."
Cameron Thomas, web designer,

Professional People, Professional Results
As a Terrasynth Partner and Affiliate, you agree to subscribe to our code of ethics at all times:

  • I conduct my business as a professional at all times.
  • I subscribe to absolute honesty and integrity.
  • I return calls and emails promptly.
  • I respect the time of other project developers.
  • I understand that every project must be a win/win scenario.
  • Solid relationships are the basis for successful business.
  • I do what I say, when I say I will do it, in the manner that I promise.
  • I create value and remain positive, optimistic and friendly at all times.

Our team denies service to anyone who is not serious about business and professional relationships. Naturally, we reserve the right of affiliation and have already turned down studios whom we felt didn’t fit our member profile. After becoming an affiliate, if you do not conduct business by this code of ethics 100% of the time we will no longer partner with you and your affiliation with Terrasynth will be revoked.

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